Community Empowerment Resources

We are a team of mindfully respectful professionals.

Our nonprofit [501(c)(3)] Community-based Case Management service, Integrated Health and Wellness Clinic and Stabilization Facility help people diagnosed with a mental illness to engage in treatment and provide opportunities for a higher quality of life. Most of our clients are diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness and substance abuse; many are homeless. We help link them with other community service providers such as psychiatric care, primary care, housing, and many more. CER works with the State of Hawaii Department of Health and insurance plans, including the Medicaid QUEST plans, to provide our services. 

Mission: To provide progressive and inclusive health care, empowering individuals to lead fuller lives.

Vision: Community Empowerment Resources will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining community care. We envision local, state, and national agendas in which individuals with psychiatric challenges are accorded normal rights and status as full members of the community. Stigma is a thing of the past, and the community understands and accepts that psychiatric symptoms are a normal part of the human experience.