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Careers at CER

Join Our Team!

CER's Motto: CER is a team of mindfully respectful professionals.

Community Empowerment Resources is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping the people of Oahu living with mental illness.

Taking the next step in your career with us means you will be helping to make a meaningful impact on the health of your community.

Our people are our ohana, and everyone on the team effects change in the lives of our clients. Whether you are out in the community meeting with a homeless person in need of help or in the office supporting the administration, we all do our part to improve the lives of those we serve. Mental illness is a normal part of the human condition. Join us and you will be doing purposeful work helping people and you will have the full support of your agency behind you every step of the way.

“My coworkers are like my ohana. It’s the best environment I’ve ever worked in.”

Administration Support

“My personal commitment is to support our staff with the same conscientiousness as they use to support our clients.”


“I love that we're making a difference in the community, and to know that we're breaking down the stigma of mental health.”

Administration Support

“Regardless of our differences, we all share a common goal: providing quality care to the vulnerable members of our community.””

Case Manager

"With immense pride and dedication, CER makes me feel valued, while being able to add value to the non-profit organization.”

Administration Support

“Not every day is easy but every day is rewarding.”


Case Manager

“I like the community CER has. Everyone is helpful, and work as a team.”

Case Manager

“I really enjoy the clients, and seeing them grow.”

Case Manager


Interns and Volunteers

We are looking for persons to be volunteers for a variety of administrative or light clinical tasks.


We are seeking individuals who can allocate a few hours per week to fulfill certain duties within the agency. No prior experience is necessary. This is great to put on your resume and we would be happy to be a reference for the right candidates. Some of the potential areas of need are below – however, we are open to more ideas if you have the heart to help in this population.

How can you help?

  1. Social Media Guru: Upload content, manage, edit, monitor our social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp

  2. Organization Expert: Assist in the organization of the office and help de-clutter by assisting the scanner and filer with their duties. The bonus is that you’re helping to save the environment by moving our agency towards being a green company.

How to apply: Email cover letter and resume to


(Hawaii Certified and Forensic Certified)


We are hiring HCPS with or without Forensic Training to work on our community-based team and/or at our crisis stabilization facility.

How to apply: Email cover letter and resume to If you are unable to provide these materials via email, please contact our careers support staff at (808) 942-7884.

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