Community Empowerment Resources (CER), was founded in July of 2005 by Businessman, Jan Rumi, and Social Worker, Aliman SearsJan has extensive experience over the past 30 years in Hawaii as a Business Consultant with one of the largest consulting firms in the USA. Aliman has extensive experience over the past 30 years working with vulnerable populations both on the mainland and in Hawaii. 

Both of which are still actively involved in the agency.

In 2007 CER was awarded its first contract for Case Management with the State of Hawaii, Department of Health. CER then teamed up with Hawaii Certified Peer Specialists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Administrative Professionals, Social workers, and Case Managers, to produce a high-quality agency--a Team of Mindfully Respectful Professionals. CER's principles and values have been with us since the beginning.

CER’s Board of Directors work carefully with CER’s seasoned leadership team to ensure Professional, Legal, Administrative, and Clinical oversight of the agency.  CER is certified and through the well-respected Accredited Behavioral Health Agency, CARF International, which ensures continued monitoring of agency operations, resulting in the highest behavioral health performance standards.   

Community Empowerment Resources strives to uphold the three Key Principles of Continual Improvement, Honesty, and Transparency.  CER has over 60 well trained and passionate staff members who selflessly serve over 500 clients Statewide on a regular basis, from an interdisciplinary approach.