Our goals are to better our clients’ quality of life and to assist them in obtaining the same opportunities as anyone else in the community. CER strives to help our clients achieve overall stability and overcome homelessness through a community-wide coordinated approach.  We serve to create local social impact, social capital, and change that builds inclusive communities.

Thanks to you, we're making a difference in our community.


Our most recent challenge has been COVID-19.  We extended services to people with the Coronavirus and whom the State of Hawaii recognizes as not having the proper resources to cope with the illness. Through compassion, commitment, and professionalism, we aim to provide the utmost care to those who have been afflicted by COVID-19, so that they recover quickly and feel a sense of hope in this unprecedented time. It will be a great benefit to those who have had to suffer and lack access to resources needed to rehabilitate back into society.


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